Donate Your Old Toys

Do you have a collection of toys that you are looking for a new home for? Contact us about donating them to The National Toy Museum of Canada.

Spread the Word

The Toy Museum is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and other’s spreading the word to come visit or donate to help keep the museum going.

Make a Money Donation

Don’t have any old toys but love what the museum is doing? Consider donating to help us reach our goal of a larger location and new displays.

Thank You for Your Support

By donating to this museum, you are helping create a magical environment for people to relive their youth and share memories.

Ways to Donate Money

If you are interested in donating money, we currently accept cheque, money order or PayPal. We accept cash donations at the museum location.

Interested in Donating?

We accept various types of toy donations. Please email us or write us with what you are interested in donating. Pictures are welcomed and we love stories on the items if you have any. Thank you for helping us preserve the history of toys.